Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thunderstorm at Tahoe

   I always check the weather forecasts before a show, and once in a while I take them to heart. Last weekend was predicted to be on the chilly side, but I am glad I dressed lightly for the heat that was the reality.

     The thunderstorm forecasts for Tahoe were off my radar screen. The lake is so big, I assumed that if there were thunderstorms, the chances that they would be over my head were minimal.
     WRONG. Right over my head, directly over my booth was a big blowing, pounding, hailing, lightning thunderstorm. There was a certain charm to it, that disappeared in about 3 minutes. Mud was splashing up from the pavement and spotting everything under my canopy. Every item on the ground was splattered with mud, and rain. I had a new canopy with pristine white walls. Had of course, now all splashed with mud.

    I had brought an extra sweatshirt dress, so that took most of the rain, and at least I could be mostly dry driving home. Thank goodness for the extra shoes I carry, since my sandals were completely waterlogged.

     Today I should be slowly making my way back into the studio. Instead, I am unpacking the van, wiping the new layer of Tahoe mud off of my booth.

   I leave for Tahoe City on Thursday and of course I will check the weather forecast again.

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