Monday, August 30, 2010

Ki ngs Mountain Art Fair Around the Corner

I am making new glass for Kings Mountain. I am still working on these, so I don't have pictures yet. I hope to post them tonight.
I also have a "new" dangle option for the "Macha" chain that I sell. There will be new chain options as well.
The blue and ivory pendants pictured at the right are new, and I am working on different colors of these.
Hope you have this show on your calendar. It is at the top of Skyline Dr. in Woodside, in the redwoods. There is a feel to this show that is a little different than other shows. It is completely run by volunteers from the community to fund their volunteer fire department, and it has been going on for years. Talk about community service! The volunteers do all the food, all the artist set up and coordination, and did I mention all the food? I look forward to this food all year. They put BUTTER in the scrambled eggs ( I love these eggs, but I would never put butter in my eggs at home) and the pancakes must have something equally delicious and bad in them, not to mention the hot syrup available to drench over them.
This is down home comfort Fair Food. At least nothing is deep-fried!!!

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