Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Booth Locations for the Los Altos Art & Wine Show This Weekend

My booth location for the Los Altos show this weekend has moved west on Main Street to #444, which is between First St. & Second St. I am on the south side of Main.

I just got home from my trip to New York City, and I am having a hard time getting to my studio. Is this a normal reaction to a vacation? We usually only take a vacation of a few days in the winter, so a trip during our show season is pretty unusual. I hope you all can give me feedback on this. We had a very wonderful, relaxing time with the new grand baby and parents, but what's up with this tiredness? It feels like, now, having been completely relaxed, by body would prefer it as a constant way of life, to be experienced in it's totality only by laying on the couch. This just came to mind...
The couch is calling, dark and deep
But I have lots of jewels to make,
And beads to do before I sleep
And beads to do before I sleep.

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